Knowledge: Your Most Valuable Asset.

At NovaConseils, we believe that the most valuable asset of any organization is
its employees and the sum of the knowledge they have acquired on the job.

Competency Transfer.

A large generational gap currently exists concerning knowledge level,
knowledge transfer has become a major issue for companies.

Knowledge, a key element to innovation.

Knowledge management consists of the group of processes implemented by an organization to create, capture, acquire, manage, preserve, share and apply its knowledge as a means of achieving its strategic objectives and innovating.

Our Company

NovaConseils, your partner to protect and increase the value of your company through the deployment of a knowledge management culture.

We would like to apply our knowledge to serve your business so that this partnership becomes an important source of value. Our NovaConseils personnel are authorized/recognized trainers (by Emploi-Québec) and offer an advanced level of expertise in knowledge management (esp. tacit knowledge), knowledge enrichment and competency transfer. NovaConseils is known for the efficiency of its team of experts to identify, capture, analyze and outline critical concepts, theories and skills of its client’s employees.

  • Your workforce includes experienced employees who will soon be retiring?

    These employees often accumulate many years of experience and their work techniques and aptitudes are important factors in assuring the success of your company. The knowledge acquired by these employees must be captured and documented before their departure in order to preserve the essence of their work and ensure the success of their successors.

  • You have successors to prepare?

    You don’t know which of your employees are best suited to take over? Do you need to hire new personnel? Our assistance in knowledge management will allow you to clearly identify the required competencies and act effectively in this critical knowledge transfer process.

  • You have employees who are essential to assure smooth functioning of your company?

    A small group of employees possess knowledge that is extremely precious for your company and each is the only one with this knowledge? Their sudden departure would have a major impact for your company? It is crucial to conserve and protect and avoid loss of their knowledge as well as facilitating the transition in case of unexpected departure. Maintain the knowledge base of your organization!

  • Your company is growing?

    Your company is experiencing fast growth and you expect to hire a significant number of new employees? Our assistance in knowledge management will help by identifying the required competencies, placing particular emphasis on sharing these competencies among employees to ensure structured growth without loss of knowledge, increased productivity and a larger capacity for innovation while at the same time improving training and integration of new employees.

  • You are anticipating acquisition of another company?

    During the acquisition of another company, a thorough analysis in terms of knowledge management allows you to identify the risks and to develop a strategy to retain the expertise and competency of the acquired company.

  • You wish to sell your company?

    Our assistance in knowledge management allows you to show prospective owners that your company has a solid foundation based on the internal mobility of your human resources. Buyers will be reassured by the strength of your team, rather than just depending on certain individuals who are critical for your success.

NovaConseils in brief.

NovaConseils, is first and foremost a conscious experience team of professionals built to meet your needs and offer you the best services.


NovaConseils focuses the attention of business organizations on the necessity to manage individual and collective knowledge and channel this knowledge towards a creative purpose. Through our intervention model centered on added value, NovaConseils is looking to establish durable partnerships by offering concrete solutions and novel approaches to our client partners.

At NovaConseils, we believe that the most valuable asset of any organization is its employees and the sum of the knowledge they have acquired on the job. We also believe that this valuable knowledge must be preserved and shared so that your company is less vulnerable, more competitive and more innovative.



Creation of added value


Knowledge management 360°

The manner in which you assemble, share and exploit knowledge in your organization is an influential and essential factor to allow your continued and successful growth. An intervention in knowledge management 360° by NovaConseils allows the issues to become clearly visible so that they can be extracted and your reality can be modeled using concrete and personalized tools. The objective of this process is to ensure improved sharing and a more efficient and durable knowledge transfer within your company.

To summarize, to transform individual knowledge into collective knowledge of your organization!

You are interested in knowledge management?

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Our team

Multidisciplinary experience.

Our team is composed of personnel with technical and scientific expertise (Doctorat, Masters, Engineering), all of whom work towards a common goal; to transform the individual knowledge of your employees into collective knowledge for your organization and to realize concrete results. All the members of our team are certified trainers and have acquired extensive experience in varied fields. This distinguishes NovaConseils; our ability to adapt to the reality of your working environment. For the length of the project, our NovaConseils team ensures a personalized service; efficient and turn-key.

Knowledge Management.

The reality of today’s companies – For the past few years, our economy has experienced major transformations and the proportion of job posts requiring high levels of specific knowledge has significantly increased. The intangible assets of our companies have become very important in the process of creating value. In this new reality, knowledge has become a competitive advantage that distinguishes companies and has also become a primary generator of innovation and creation of added value. The durability/longevity of organizations is therefore increasingly a function of their ability to adapt and their aptitude to innovate.


This trend has led to the emergence of new issues : an open market, interdependent, a changing/uncertain environment, diverse technologies, increasingly complex knowledge, production and consumption of more critical knowledge, an increasing employee turn-over rate, etc. The challenge of companies is to exploit their knowledge in a coherent and profitable manner so that they can quickly adapt to economic and social changes in our environment.

Knowledge management is a group of processes that are implemented in an organization with the goal of creating, capturing, acquiring, managing, preserving, sharing and applying knowledge and competencies to achieve strategic objectives. All organizations have access to an internal knowledge base, your company is no exception! It could consist of your understanding of your client's specific needs or perhaps your professional environment, the experience/competency of your personnel, your service concepts/processes, files/documents, or even your plans for the future, including new product development. A knowledge management approach allows you to better distinguish issues in your organization related to innnovation, risk management, economic know-how and intergenerational transfer of knowledge.

Knowledge management allows the company, among other things, to make more effective decisions because access to diverse expertise within their organization is more clearly identified. This in turn increases productivity. Mapping of tacit competencies assures that no knowledge is lost as employees leave their posts, allows identification of successors and facilitates the description of posts for hiring new employees. Meanwhile, knowledge sharing within the company leads to improved work methods, promotes innovation and provides for improved mobility of your employees.



Further information that may interest you...

A number of articles from the world of knowledge management – NovaConseils is constantly on the lookout for news and trends to identify best practices and processes for knowledge management. We would like to share some of these articles with you. Note that articles published in French are referred to by their French titles.


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